Leadership Development and Training

Invest in yourself and your employees by taking existing skills and grow them to a new level of outstanding!

Personal and professional development and leadership development is critical to the future success and growth of your business. The most successful companies today know that good talent is hard to come by, great talent often has to be developed. To minimize your talent from being poached by a competitor and maximize employee productivity and effectiveness, you have to have a strategy that constantly attracts new talent and enables your existing talent to develop. Employees who feel valued will be loyal and add positively to the bottom line, not to mention be wonderful ambassadors for your business.

Sharonville Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer Take the Lead.  This unique program takes participants on an eight-month journey of self-discovery and awareness. Through interactive exercises and projects, this evidence-driven, experiential curriculum will unleash the powerful potential for personal growth.

Individual and group exercises designed specifically for self-awareness are supported by required reading materials and professionally facilitated discussion groups. The premise of the program is that the most effective leaders have a true understanding of themselves, know their strengths and how to harness them.  Also included in the program is an on-line assessment that becomes the thread of the program throughout the monthly discussions on various topics. 

Multiple host locations provide interesting and exciting opportunities to learn about various businesses and industries while opening doors to new relationships that will extend years beyond the program.

The class of 2016/2017 is in full-swing but registration is open for the class of 2017/2018, which begins next Fall and ends with a graduation ceremony in late Spring of 2018.