2704 E. Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH  452412


The Sharonville Chamber of Commerce (SCC) provides connections, education and resources relevant for local businesses and organizations.  Our convenient location just off I-75/275 is easily accessible to any business in Sharonville or the surrounding region.

The culture of the Sharonville Chamber is friendly and supportive - our members enjoy collaborating with each other. Coupled with a responsive Chamber Staff that embraces innovative ideas, the benefits abound.  

The SCC not only serves as a connector but a leader in the business community, and in the overall community as well. The support of a highly engaged, well connected, and passionate Board of Directors combined with the expertise and skill-sets of the professional Chamber staff makes the Sharonville Chamber an essential investment for your business. 

If you are seeking to join forces with a winning organization that will help you achieve your own goals and objectives, the SCC is definitely the organization of choice. 

We look forward to working with you!