Meet Our Ambassadors

AMBASSADOR COMMITTEE MISSION: The Sharonville Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors welcome new members, promote, engage, and connect all members to the business community within their target market. Ambassadors are dedicated to the values & growth of the chamber and the local business community.

Please contact any of our Ambassadors to learn more about how the Chamber can help you and how you can get more involved with us. We are all looking forward to talking with you!


 Frank Lopez	   	Chairperson
Frank Lopez     Chairperson
Website:   www.gosaxon.com
Email:   flopez@gosaxon.com  


Anita Berry	   	Ambassador
Anita Berry     Ambassador
    Your Medicare Plan Coach
Website:   www.yourmedicareplancoach.com 
Email:   anita@yourmedicareplancoach.com  


Ron Chambers	   	Ambassador
Ron Chambers     Ambassador
Website:   www.legalshield.com 
Email:   ron@ronchambersls.com   


 Joe Diana	   	Ambassador
Joe Diana     Ambassador
    b+p+t Communication Solutions
Website:   www.bpt4u.com
Email:   joe.diana@bpt4u.com 


 Tom Myrick	   	Ambassador
Tom Myrick     Ambassador
    Edward Jones
Website:   www.edwardjones.com
Email:   tom.myrick1@gmail.com  


 Jeanne Reiser	   	Ambassador
Jeanne Reiser     Ambassador
    Reiser & Company
Website:   www.reiserco.com
Email:   jeanne@reiserco.com  


Walt Tracy	   	Ambassador
Walt Tracy     Ambassador
    At Work Personnel Services
Website:   www.atworkcincy.com  
Email:   wtracy@atworkcincy.com