Meet The Board

Eddie Meiners   	   	Vice Chairman
Eddie Meiners        Chairperson
  LaRosa's Family Pizzeria
663 Northland Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH  45240
Phone:   513-284-4117
Website:   https://www.larosas.com/stores/sharonville-pizza.aspx 
Email:   emeiners@larosas.com


 Johnda Keuffer       	Director
Johnda Keuffer     Vice Chairperson
Company:   PNC Bank
11100 Reading Road
Sharonville, OH  45241
Phone:   513-563-0395
Website:   www.pncbank.com  
Email:   johnda.keuffer@pncbank.com  


 Jeanne Reiser	   	Treasurer
Jeanne Reiser     Treasurer

  Reiser & Company LLC
1405 Springfield Pike
Suite 2
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone:   513-679-2100
Website:    https://www.reiserco.com  
Email:   jeanne@reiserco.com  


Mary Mendel	   	Secretary
Mary Mendel     Secretary

  City Dash
949 Laidlaw Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45237
Phone:   513-562-2000
Website:   www.CityDash.com
Email:   Mendel.Mary@CityDash.com
Kelly Ackerman	   	Director
Kelly Ackerman     Director

  Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone:   513-250-4137
Website:   http://www.frameusa.com 
Email:   kackerman@frameusa.com 


Steven Berke	   	Director
Steven Berke     Director

  CSZ/a Gentherm Company
12011 Mosteller Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone:   513-772-8810
Website:   http://www.genthermcsz.com 
Email:   steve.berke@genthermcsz.com


Jamie Charlton       Director
Jamie Charlton     Director

9636 Cincinnati Columbus Road
Cincinnati, OH  45241
Phone:   513-573-0129
Website:   http://www.gosaxon.com
Email:   JCharlton@gosaxon.com
Joe Diana	   	Director
Joe Diana     Director

  b+p+t Communication Solutions
10570 Chester Road
Cincinnati, OH 45215
Phone:   513-782-5200
Website:    http://www.bpt4u.com 
Email:   joe.diana@bpt4u.com 


Peggy Friedhoff            Director
Peggy Friedhoff     Director

  AlwaysOn Communications
6524 Oregon Pass
West Chester, OH  45069
Phone:   513-755-3432
Website:   http://www.alwaysoncomm.com/
Email:   Peggy@alwaysoncomm.com

Chris Xeil Lyons	   	Director
Chris Xeil Lyons     Director

  City of Sharonville
10900 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH  45241
Phone:   513-563-1144   
Website:        www.sharonville.org
Email:   clyons@cityofsharonville.com


Nancy Mulvey	   	Director
Nancy Mulvey     Director

  Great Oaks Career Campuses
110 Great Oaks Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone:   513-771-8840
Website:   http://www.greatoaks.com 
Email:   mulveyn@greatoaks.com