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CME’s goal is to repair and eliminate any pipe issues with minimal disruption to the affected premises. These may be the sewer pipe of a home, the downspouts of an office building or the process lines of a manufacturing plant.

CME uses technology and experience to identify the best way to fix the problem while minimizing present and future disruption and costs.

Our repair service will be completed quickly and CME will leave the space as clean or cleaner than the way we found it for minimal disruption, during and after the process.


A compromised pipe is a headache.  A compromised pipe located under, above or anywhere near millions of dollars of construction and equipment is a brain tumor.

All pipes have a life-cycle, the length of which depends on what the pipe is made of and what goes through it.  CME's Cure-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology and expertise can eliminate the need to dig and replace pipe, saving significant time and money.


Trenchless pipe repair, also known as Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP) or pipe lining, uses an epoxy-saturated liner to rehabilitate pipes, from a single small access point, versus needing to be excavated and replaced.


No excavation, minimal or no open-cuts minimizes or eliminates the need to:

  • shutdown production
  • displace heavy equipment (and risk damaging it)
  • dig up and replace floors, structures, landscaping
  • clean-up prior to restarting production

The CIPP process creates a brand new, high-quality pipe within the old pipe

  • spot repairs only fix a section of your pipe - the probability is extremely high that the pipe will develop the same problem elsewhere
  • the liner is designed to a 50-year life span
  • there are specific liner resins for specific needs, e.g. high-temperature

CIPP Means Faster, Cleaner Pipe Repair and Rehabilitation

CME is the preferred trenchless pipe repair provider in the Cincinnati area. Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE513-657-2958. Here at CME our number one priority is customer care and customer service. Our technicians are standing by ready to help you with all your pipe repair needs.