Changes in OSHA Are on the Way April 2021

April 6, 2021  |  Business News

With the change of every administration in Washington, there comes a change in government policy. With this change there will be no exception. This includes OSHA will look very different under the Biden Administration.


President Elect Biden was endorsed for the presidency by more then 40 unions. They are interested in stricter standards, increased compliance officers and increased penalties.


President Elect Biden is being pushed to appoint a safety and health professional from organized labor as the next OSHA Chief. President Elect Biden wants a new emergency temporary standard for (COVID-19). He wants to double the number of OSHA inspections. His transition team for the Labor Department includes four union representatives, the Director of CAL/OSHA, a staffer from Bernie Sanders office, and two officials with the National Employment Law Project, one of the most vocal critics of OSHA.


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