Former CEO and President of Cincinnati Sub-Zero Retires after 40 Years

July 24, 2019  |  Member News - Events



Steven J Berke, previous CEO & President, Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) retires after 40 years from his company’s 3rd generation family-owned business, leaving behind a 69-year legacy.  The company is now owned by Weiss Technik North America, Inc., the global leader of environmental test chambers, helping multiple industries improve their product’s safety & reliability. 

Established in 1940, CSZ began as a distributor of frozen foods by the founder and great Uncle of Steven Berke, Robert Jacobson.  The company was passed onto Leonard Berke nephew of Jacobson.  Leonard’s wife Eileen Berke also was very active in the company and retired as Chair of the Board in 2016. Continued growth occurred with the investment of new products for medical and industrial products. Leonard’s son Steven Berke was appointed to CEO/President in 1997. Built locally, the family business expanded its success and the CSZ brand quickly became synonymous with longlasting, reliable, and high quality products. 

Mr. Berke not only ran the company and helped it grow to what it is today, he has also been honored with many awards over the years for his accomplishments with awards from HMMC, Growth Expansion and Retention Award (E.A.G.R.), Business Person of the Year, Parent of the Year from the National Alliance for Youth Sports and more.  


Under Mr. Berke’s leadership the company also received multiple business awards from the city of Sharonville for its growth and job creation such as Large Business of the Year and Export awards. The company grew with multiple acquisitions and expanded its Mosteller Road location 6 times, purchasing the neighboring property in 2001 which houses its custom product production and test laboratory.  


On July 30, 2019 Steven Berke will begin his next venture and celebrate the family’s legacy saying goodbye to all of the employees. His reoccurring mantra was that the employees were the key to the company’s success and like family to him. Many of these employees have worked for the company for decades and continue on with Weiss Technik North America, Inc.